Site Selection

Locating the right destination, hotel or venue for an event is incredibly important. It’s also incredibly time consuming. Enter Balboa Meeting & Event Solutions (BMES). Our site selection services are capable, comprehensive and complimentary.

Using advanced technology and innovative processes, BMES provides the following:

  • Robust research including availability of guest room blocks, space and rates, property use evaluation, competitors in the hotel and any renovations.

  • Destination Comparison Grid comparing locations, hotels, room rates, function, space requirements, travel time, air cost and pertinent information to a specific client event/program such as distances of the nearest airport, shuttles and restaurants

  • Contract negotiations regarding room rates, possible upgrades, complimentary room concessions, food and beverage, and audio-visual pricing.

On-site Services

Productive corporate meetings, conferences or incentive travel programs require a special focus on logistics. The ability to organize all the “moving parts” and facilitate a seamless program is demanding. At Balboa Meetings & Incentives (BMI), our team of professionals has over twenty of years of experience running on-site logistics. From managing arrivals and departures to transitioning large groups of participants through a busy schedule, BMI strives to exceed your expectations. We truly are your “behind the scenes” event management partner.

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